A pillowcase that controls sleep lines and moisture loss 

During the night, your skin works to repair the damage it has incurred during the day. But did you know your pillowcase may be inhibiting these efforts?

Consider what happens to your delicate facial skin when you sleep. Your skin is potentially pressed for hours against a wrinkled fabric while the body’s natural nightly water loss from the skin (called trans-epidermal water loss) is further increased by the absorbent property of cotton and other fabrics. These factors combine to produce what science calls compression defects in the skin. We call them sleep lines. Not only can sleep lines last for hours, more seriously, they mean that you have stretched and dehydrated your skin.



Physician-developed, The Pillowcase helps to prevent sleep lines and moisture loss. There are no additives; instead, the moisturizing effect is the science of the construction of this exclusive fabric. We join knits—the very soft side you sleep against, and synergistic knit inside which is scientifically proven to reduce nightly moisture loss. Also, The Pillowcase fits snugly on any standard pillow (also available in King size) and will NOT wrinkle when on your pillow. You experience true beauty sleep in luxurious comfort.


Your skin care regimen will work best if you follow a personalized program with the advice of your skin care professional, and then sleep on The Pillowcase every night. No matter what products you choose to use, The Pillowcase makes any skin care routine more effective while you sleep!


Tested safe for eyelash extensions!


Easy Care Instructions: Turn pillowcase inside out. Machine wash warm on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach (you may use a stain remover like OxiClean™). Tumble dry on low. Do not iron and do not dry clean. We recommend washing before the first use. Replace once a year.

The Pillowcase - Standard/Queen or King

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